Treasure hunt

(one for the grownups)

In order to play you must contact us for a starting password.  The cost to play is £5.

Welcome to our virtual treasure hunt.  We hope that you enjoy your journey with us.  Before you begin please read the hints and tips below.

  • Your journey is best on a computer.

  • To solve the clues you will need to search the Internet and use Google Maps and Street Maps/Views.  When using the 'zoom' function on Google Maps/Street View please use the + and - buttons.  You will also need to visit the websites of some of the places to find your answer.

  • The answer to each clue will be the password that opens the next clue.  There are 6 clues in total and a final question at the end of your journey.

  • Passwords must be written in lowercase with no spaces.  Numbers must also be written in word form e.g. 32 should be written as thirtytwo.

  • Each clue page has a hint button.  The hint pages have at least 3 hints that you can scroll down to view.

  • If you are really stuck, each clue page will have a 'still stuck' button that will give you the password to access the next clue. Hopefully you won't need this.

  • You can get 'live' hints directly from us if you message us between 8pm and 10pm.  We will not be able to provide hints outside these hours.

  • Keep a note of the starting countries that you visit in each clue as you will need this information later on in the game.

If you're ready click on the button below and enter the key word that we sent you.  Good Luck!

This game is for grownups because of the difficulty level.  If you would like to play please contact us.  The cost to play is £5 payable via paypal or bank transfer. Starting password will be changed at regular intervals.

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