Clue 5 hints:

There are 3 hints on this page.  Scroll down to see them all.

Big hint: When you find the place you are looking for you must use their website rather than Google Maps.


Hint 1:

Where was Chris Froome born?  What city?

Hint 2:

When you have Nairobi highlighted on the map you should see something similar to Snowdonia - we don't mean the mountain.  Look up Snowdonia on google.

Hint 3:

Once your at the Nairobi National Park, think of 'Annie', the movie.  Where did she live before she was adopted?  If you hover over it you will see a picture of who you will meet for dinner.  Remember no elephants in sight.

Hint 4:

Somewhere nearby is a restaurant that is perfect for a big cat.  You need to look at their 'meat' menu on the website.  It isn't a coffee shop.

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