Escape GAMES for kids - all available for parties too!

Not just for grown ups!

Why should grown ups have all the fun?  Our games are designed especially for 8 to 12 year olds. They are not too hard but they are not too easy - they're just right!

We know each game inside and out so we know exactly when to give clues or offer hints - we aim to ensure that every team succeeds.

Each game is packed full of puzzles, clues, combinations and padlocks.  They are sure to keep your child and their friends entertained up to the very last second!

Why not play as a family?  The games are great for siblings and you can play too!

Current Games

We currently have five games available to play 'The Headteacher's Office' ,  'Campsite Crime', The Potion Master's Chamber, Shiver Me Timbers and Silver's Horn..  Each game is very different from the other and they both have very unique story lines.  With 2 new games coming soon there is plenty to choose from.

All games last 45 minutes with a further 15 minutes for introductions, instructions and of course certificate presentations - once they bust all the codes!

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Check out 'Silver's Horn' a game designed for 6-8 year olds



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